Monday, 30 April 2012


Sorry for the long wait there are a couple reasons why it's taken me an extra week to post. First because I got my wisdom teeth removed which wouldnt stop me from posting for more than a few extra days but, secondly there just wasn't much music that came out in the style and calibur ElectroCity has maintained since its creation. As a result of this there may be less tracks being posted to maintain a weekly post schedule or other adjustments that I haven't thought of yet. I can assure you that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS I WILL CONTINUE TO POST QUALITY TRACKS NEVER LOWERING MY STANDARDS POSSIBLY/PROBABLY INCREASING MY STANDARDS as time goes by. Anyway..... with all that said and done a few words for the track of this post. Pickle by ErikBokk is a more chill track with an interesting take on the complex electro genre/style of music.

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