Thursday, 12 January 2012

Level Up

Sorry for not posting for a while I've been busy working on mashups n stuff for me as an artist/producer blah blah etc. Also I was copyright striked for the second time on youtube so one more and the youtube accout will be shut down but do not fear, as the title indicates I plan on doing alot of leveling up this year in many different areas Electrocity being one of them. I plan on upgrading tthe blog to a bit more of a blog/website and I plan on starting a forum connected to Electrocity where you guys can chat it up about the music posted here, make suggestions of music you may want to be posted here (preferably in the same styles of music Electrocity posts). But ya thats pretty much what I have planed for Electrocity all my other leveling up is for me as an artist to get better and soon enough I will be posting some of my own stuff on here :) So back to the music here is a song by Nox Nox which are 2 guys who have awesome french style.

Free DL:
Nox Nox on Soundcloud:

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